auxiliaryField with multiple regexes

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auxiliaryField with multiple regexes

Postby kfiles » Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:30 am

I saw that the XML schema for auxiliaryField had changed between versions of regain (the online help shows the regex as a child text element of auxiliaryField; the sample CrawlerConfiguration.xml shows a separate <regex> child element). I took this to suggest that you can now how multiple regexes for a field. However, this did not work as I expected.

I used the following definition:

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    <auxiliaryField name="router" regexGroup="1" toLowercase="true">

I expected URLs matching any of the 3 regexes would have the "router" field added. However, what actually happened is that only URLs matching the first regex worked. Others silently failed. Replacing the above definition with 3 separate auxiliaryField elements, each with a single regex, worked OK.

Is this expected? If only a single child is allowed, why doesn't the above configuration produce an error?

I also would like to know what the "store" and "tokenize" attributes to auxiliaryField do? They are used in the sample CrawlerConfiguration.xml, but not documented in the online help.
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