Fail to get files with fileToHttp bridge

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Fail to get files with fileToHttp bridge

Postby domon » Mon May 18, 2015 2:54 am

Hi guys,

There are some files that I can't to download with the file-bridge, I got 403 (Access to the specified resource has been forbidden) instead.

Is any solution for this problem?

Many thanks.
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Re: Fail to get files with fileToHttp bridge

Postby btburns » Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:07 pm

I'm running into the same problem. I'm running the server instance of regain on a Windows server, as a service with Tomcat.

I indexed the shared network drive "p:\", and when retrieving a search result from that drive I get a file not found / forbidden (depending on which log file i inspect). What I gather is that the Tomcat service can not see the "p:\" shared drive. Rather the service should be referencing '\\server\p'. But how do I update the indexes to point to '\\server\p'? I tried configuring the crawler to crawl 'file:////server/p' but it fails to find this device.

I suspect the solution may be in configuring the crawler to index \\server\p, but I can not get this configuration to work. Alternatively, how do i get the Tomcat service to see the mounted 'p:\'? I'd welcome any suggestions.
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Re: Fail to get files with fileToHttp bridge

Postby alopez » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:34 pm

Que tal, yo tambien lo estoy corriendo en Tomcat.
En primer lugar, estas idexando mal.
Verifica el jar cambiando a zip y te daras cuenta de que indexa en forma de file. Osea, tenes que crawlear de la siguiente forma:

<start parse="true" index="false">file:////Server/shared</start>

Analicemos esto: protocolo file y 4 /. No \. Son 4, esto es importante. Nombre de servidor y el recurso compartido. No mapeado. Crawler no tiene la capacidad de buscar en unidades mapeadas de windows.

Y dentro de searchindex,


Esto ultimo esta en la wiki

Asi podras hacer que indexe de forma correcta

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Re: Fail to get files with fileToHttp bridge

Postby IsabelleK » Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:25 am

dank sehr, Habe sehr lange erfolglos nach bessere Informationen gegoogelt.

lg g5 case
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