So far so good... but questions!

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So far so good... but questions!

Postby MaleXLR » Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:15 am

My wife is blind and uses JAWS screen reading software. Both of us were avid users and fans of Google Desktop.

So far, Regain looks (and sounds - ha ha!) great, but if anyone is able to help with the following I would be extremely grateful. Perhaps they should be separate posts, but here goes...

1. I am a user, not a programmer. I see that the "maxresults" variable will allow us to change from the default "10" results to whatever we want, however I have been unable to find which file this variable is set in.

2. Google Desktop had a simple hotkey (ctrl key twice) which would bring up a search. Is there a quick way to search with Regain or do you rely on localhost:8020/searchinput.jsp from a browser?

3. WAV [wave] files insist on opening with QuickTime. Can file associations be changed or is this browser dependant?

4. How do you search by file extension? I think that Google Desktop used to be something like filetype:pdf

5. With Google Desktop you could right click on the result link and use the context menu to copy. Then you could go to Windows Explorer and paste. Can I assume that this is not possible with Regain?

6. Similar to 5., I am sure that with Google Desktop you could click on the folder location of a result and a new Windows Explorer would open with the file location. Again, is this something that isn't possible with Regain?

Aside from these teething problems - great piece of kit and vastly superior already to Windows search.

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